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I am Adam West, and I used to call this space “Catalyst Inn.” As of August 2019, it will remain for short updates and fast exchange only, being my website dedicated to publishing.

After wining a National Month Prize NaNoWriMo in December of 2018, I’ve competed in a training session against 17 other short-fiction amateur writers, and have been awarded the 2019 Prodigious.Work Prize for “Literary-Ludic Publishing for Adults. The Prodigious.Work Prize entitles me to have gradually reorganized my website and most of the things I have crafted so far.

Not everything is a win-win game in the hectic times we live in. I don’t write for a living, I write short stories to share with you, and help you put your mind on pause while I escape daily burden myself. Pauses in the life of an adult bring us phoenixlike strength and insights to reconstruct ourselves on-the-go. I believe that destinations lie within a person, so I stick to simplicity that you would feel grateful for (at least, I hope so).

If you are up “to tree your adultwood, visit, follow me on Amazon, or support me on Steemit and Patreon. I am a nice person and apart from constantly improving, I do usually reciprocate.

Thank you!

Adam West, author of “Young Tales to Tree Your Adultwood” (Coming Shortly)

What to Read in the Meantime

Stories that will be edited and reorganized until the end of 2019.

Tigs, Thief of Clarity

Hands of Lighting

City of Storms

Roe, A Guard’s Duty

Grimwood, A Swordsman Tales

The Blackened Wall

The Silver Swords of Ezrano

In Dusted Land

Grimwood’s Perch

Other Tales of Rangforne

The Backpack

A Personal Page

A Storming Translation

Stram Bowborn

Quick as Quip

Stories From Another World

Some of these may, or may not exist in Rangforne; I am Undecided.

The Lost Spring

Day On The Water

About a Hum

End’s Inn

Clander’s Fifth Demention

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I beseech you! Friend of laughter, companion of life, in one month the manuscript for this tale will be updated… There were many hours, days, and in truth months endeavoring to this version. … My thanks and appreciation exude to @MaresPW of Prodigious.Work, cultivator and crusader for those who create. This adventure would not be … Continue reading Vague Ship Update

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