The Vague Ship

This passed year I learned more about writing than in all the previous years in my life. I like to think that The Vague Ship, was the first real story I wrote. There were dozens of short stories, even the prequel to this tale, ContraDictation, was a bit of an oddball in the ways of storytelling. Even so, The Vague Ship felt different, as any story ought to.

When I self-published it, my understanding of writing the English language was… rudimentary. Sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary… basically all the parts. I could regret it… not showing my best from the start, but truth is it was my best. Funny? Perhaps. Well written? Unlikely.

So, I’ve put more effort and time into learning what I need, still am.

For those that read it already, I hope you enjoyed the raw expulsion of a story. I am blessed to have been found by an editor of a different flavor, yet with a similar vision. In the many hours we spent communicating I discovered a different understanding of the editing process.

I’m excited.

I work fervently to edit The Vague Ship and The Edge of Experience. I wish to present my best. I wish to convey a story enjoyable to you.

There is much to do.

Writer of Age

3 thoughts on “The Vague Ship

  1. I’ve recently finished ContraDictation. Yes, it needs a great deal of work, but I also thought the story and world were fascinating. I very much look forward to the edited versions of The Vague Ship and The Edge of Experience. Good luck!

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