Art, Writing, and the Pursuit of Expression

Death would have been better…

If only for a fleeting span…

Clouded, blind, and flailing.

Moments, like days, can trip near any foot. Toe-catchers we’ll call them. There is something unique about moments, they lie beyond measured time, they endure minutes. The painting above has something to do with that, in an obscure, far-off, and unexplained way…

There are moments that bend toward a drawn out stuckness, a mire of trapping, that elusive span of time can grab hold and dwell. Some should be held. Others still, hold darker lingerings.

Why do I write? Or paint?

It’s because of these very moments… the ones that threaten who we wish to be, those breaths where everything seems to snatch away… and sometimes do. When we are left with only ourselves.

I write for the notion of expression. For the harried moments that breathe life into a heart-wrecked soul.

This painting is an ode to a quote that someone special to me once offered. It has resonated throughout my life since… it has offered strength when mine seemed fleeting.

-Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”

The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.”-

I believe we all face our own undoing, and the responsibility of life and love and the avenues of excitement fall upon our own hands. No less than our own experience is held ransom.

The Vague Ship was an exploration into the misnomer of communication and the skews of perception, but I wanted it to be something more… not simply an exuding of ideas, but a story that embodied these notions. Its younger sibling, ContraDictation was a prelude to its character, though in a raw, untamed way.

The Vague Ship is in its final stages of editing and the new manuscript will be updated very soon. In a bout of impatience I published it early, too early, a raw version of what it will become.

Express, learn, and grow. Perhaps through the cultivation of our own expressions can we reap a life wholesome.

I began in a place darkened by myself, we all must begin somewhere and sometimes again.

-Adam West

We are the universe universing.

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