An NFT named Followers and a New Frontier

Blockchain technology has–in an uniquely pervasive way–and will influence our lives in unfathomable ways. I am an artist and explorer of ideas, perspectives, and the elusive ways of what truth is. In a lot of ways the notion of what Bitcoin stood for cradled my heart, but we enter a different dynamic of interaction with this new way of processing and holding information, influence and value.

The above address is to a newly created profile for my first NFT artwork and author glimpse–an unusual(for now) way of owning a piece of history.

Here is one WIP for an upcoming NFT

Enter NFT–Non-fungible token.

This fascinating bit of code has the attention of all types–investors and creators alike flock to this as sand to a bed. An indivisible–unreplaceable token that holds its own unique information. Perfect for representing tangible things in life(deed) as well as intellectual creative works(digital art). The possibilities of what can be utilized and tied together with these tokens has scarcely been touched.

Visit to find current and previous auctions, projects and more!

Some will sing a song to sing… while others say most anything.

-A West

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