Rebranding Myself

Good day!

Doing great here as I haven’t dropped dead yet. Some time ago I dived headlong into the life of a creative individual, there were days and weeks spent wondering what I could do until I died.


After years from the pages and a fair few adventures I have rekindled the smoldering coals of this ethereal avatar… the website–this one. For now I will continue with it’s development–my journey will never stop and I will always have a way to glimpse into that evolution. From short stories through novellas and full-sized tales, to the palette–watercolors and oils, charcoal, seawater and pastels and digital hues–I live to express, to give light to the unexpressed and shadowy corners of our earth.

For perspective and those that carry hope to share.

So, where do I lead with this?

Only the future can illuminate.

–A West

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