Troll, Appreciate or Shame an NFT Game of Giving

The NFT Game of Giving

Introducing a game of giving built on the Ethereum network. It’s a simple game and the requirements to participate are small, just a wallet and nothing more, no not for money nor a credit card. Just a wallet to hold or give an Ethereal token, the kind to show on-chain intent.

The pieces

How it works

The rules are simple and there are only three


You do NOT want Troll Cards


You DO want Tokens of Appreciation–however they only count if given.


The Shame Card is Dreadful

Show your appreciation with a Token of Appreciation! Scowl on the network with a Troll Card! They are meant to be given from friend to foe and back again. Who’s to tell where this will go?

How to get them

The Troll Card and Tokens of Appreciation can be found on Rarible or OpenSea marketplaces. I am also giving them out at random intervals for vague reasons. Each purchase will go back into airdrops and chances to get more to give!


How to give them

Each wallet has their own special code–a public identity for all to behold. With this you can send a friend your token or card, think of it as a mailbox built in a digital frame. So, now we’re here and the game’s to begin!

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