I’ve spent a few days contemplating how to even convey this idea in a concrete and straightforward way that I can both communicate–and another could understand.

Let’s start with this. To start communication we begin in misunderstanding.

It was 2017 and I was enthralled. There were ups and downs and in the end I came out with way more than profits–there were few. However, there are things far more priceless. See these days to me the notion of the ocean of crypto and nft and erc and all the hodl and rekt slang that is accompanied by the purveyors of this niche knowledge, and I’m not just dropping the most known, these are part of the puzzle, for the first NFT was ERC and you’d be REKT if you didn’t HODL.

I lost and learned and forgot and painted and wrote and all along the way I was one-eyed on cryptocurrencies. That’s what an NFT is at it truety. Done wrong–no good. As with anything–if you were to make a coin, a currency and put whatever you could into it… what would it be worth?

This is an NFT.

It is proof of firstness and immutation, like if one could pin the first breath of wind and you called that wind Ethereum there is an exact hash and time to show.

Truth is. NFTs are a offshoot of Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are a part of the way money will change for everything, ownership, ideas and proof of intellectual properties, they are more than what they are now.

BUT…. that’s such a mouth full of rocks.

What it means to me and you.

What does NFT mean to me

Okay, if you wish to BUY NFTs then you will need Ethereum to utilize any applications made on that network. It costs money because there is no company running the servers to process the network. Anyone with a capable computer can process the transactions and be rewarded in Ethereum–directly. It is still being imagined how NFTs can be used. So to get a definitive answer of what it is–does not exist.

You will need a “wallet”.

Metamask is an extension for most chrome based browsers and recently added mobile coverage that has widespread acceptance and usage–it is my go to nowadays. There are many options.




There are many more that are worth looking into and doing your own research is always the most time-tested route.

To make an NFT you will need to utilize one of the decentralized apps that facilitate this. Some are better than others for various reasons and it truly comes to taste at this point. Rarible, Mintable, Opensea and more all provide the ability to make your own Non-fungible token and to sell them.

What you do with this token is up to you and browsing what is available on the marketplace will show what is being done. However, it is evolving and the possibilities are growing!

When I find myself able to pin an NFT to words in a more clear-cut way I will make sure to share!

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