A simple post. Hello and goodbye!

Rebranding Myself

Good day! Doing great here as I haven't dropped dead yet. Some time ago I dived headlong into the life of a creative individual, there were days and weeks spent wondering what I could do until I died. Expression. After years from the pages and a fair few adventures I have rekindled the smoldering coals … Continue reading Rebranding Myself

Vague Ship Update

I beseech you! Friend of laughter, companion of life, in one month the manuscript for this tale will be updated... There were many hours, days, and in truth months endeavoring to this version. ... My thanks and appreciation exude to @MaresPW of Prodigious.Work, cultivator and crusader for those who create. This adventure would not be … Continue reading Vague Ship Update

The Vague Ship, Thank You For Another 4* Review!

Thank you Chris!   Any author in the science fiction realm, seeking to share a laugh, would be honored to be mentioned beside Douglas Adams. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a favorite of mine! I am humbled, and wish to extend my gratitude. Thank you, Chris, for your time reading, and that spent after, … Continue reading The Vague Ship, Thank You For Another 4* Review!