I've spent a few days contemplating how to even convey this idea in a concrete and straightforward way that I can both communicate--and another could understand. Let's start with this. To start communication we begin in misunderstanding. It was 2017 and I was enthralled. There were ups and downs and in the end I came … Continue reading WTF is NFT

The Vague Ship

This passed year I learned more about writing than in all the previous years in my life. I like to think that The Vague Ship, was the first real story I wrote. There were dozens of short stories, even the prequel to this tale, ContraDictation, was a bit of an oddball in the ways of … Continue reading The Vague Ship

This, Is What I’ve…

I have some stories. Many of them free, some less so, affordable, hundred copper pennies and you got one. Or three packs of gum and that's a trade. The thing is. They need reviews. I need reviews, peer, professional, recreational, I want to know how they have come together. These novellas I've crafted, eeked through … Continue reading This, Is What I’ve…

A Thanks

Alright. Let's begin. This post is about an acknowledgment of gratitude. In the recent event of releasing a story, and the errs along its way to a patient recipient. Firstly, thank you, Chris Hall, a WordPress blogger, and published author, you have followed and offered wonderful feedback for some time, and I appreciate that greatly! … Continue reading A Thanks